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What to do if your SCRUM team finishes early?

This is a good place to be. But if this happens a lot then you may have to look into commitments you are making. You may be committing less.

Work on the next priority items in the backlog. Inform the Product owner. He/she may have some ideas also. You don't have to complete the additional "stories" you pull into the sprint  but if there are stories which you can complete then do it.

Work on those Technical debts which you were pushing out- bug fixes, automation, performance enhancement, CI,CD etc.

If needed , based on the input from Product owner, do some backlog refinement for upcoming sprints.

Maybe its a good idea to learn something new which you might use in upcoming sprints. Do some cross team learning or work on some "new ideas".

If there are multiple teams working on same product go and help other teams. They might do the same for your team in future when you need help and when you are behind in your schedule. 


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•Check – Sprint review
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The scrum guide @ will be a good guideline for teams/companies planning to start scrum. If you are following the recommendation in these then you are following scrum.
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